An Integrated Approach To Disaster Response Management

Keywords: Interdisciplinary research, integrated disaster response, technology innovation, data exploitation

Disaster events are complex by nature, thus responding to such occurrences requires innovative socio-technological solutions. Disaster preparedness, response and recovery are the results of collective efforts of multiple organizations and institutions (governmental and non-governmental) that require a diverse range of expertise and resources. Therefore, disaster management systems need to reflect those characteristics by facilitating an integrated approach for disaster management where multiple disciplines of governance, environment, information and technology can work together. At the same time, an interdisciplinary research approach to disaster and emergency management is needed to understand the everchanging characteristics of disaster events and help utilizing the technological advancements for the purposes of improving our approach to disaster management.

This panel is a venue for presenting and discussing research work focusing on new methods for examining disaster and emergency management practices, and research work introducing innovative ways for designing integrated disaster management systems.

Panel topics:

  • Interdisciplinary research methodologies tackling topics in crisis management and disaster resilience that integrate knowledge from technological and social science disciplines. (e.g. information systems, organizational science, global planning, economics, data science, computer science, multimedia, education)
  • Technology innovation and data exploitation supporting the design of effective communication, coordination and decision-making platforms for emergency preparedness and response management (e.g. intelligent devices, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), big-data analysis, complex systems, situational awareness platforms, decision support systems, modelling and simulations, social media and crisis communication, crowdsourcing and digital volunteers)
  • Research results from conducting studies of regional, national and international crises, to develop useful knowledge for emergency stakeholders operating at various societal levels. (e.g. interorganizational collaboration and coordination, command and control centers, simulation exercise design, and others)
  • Training activities supporting integrated disaster response, including design of relevant exercises, experience with crisis management education, serious games for crisis management training, and scenario development.


Prof. Christian Webersik
[corresponding panel chair]
Department of Global Development and Planning
Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM)
University of Agder

Christian Webersik is professor of development studies at the Department of Global Development and Planning and Deputy Director of CIEM (Centre for Integrated Emergency Management) at the University of Agder (UiA). His research interests are climate change impacts on human security, climate change-induced migration, and disaster vulnerability studies.


Dr. Jaziar Radianti
Head of CIEMlab/ Researcher
Department of Information and Communication Technology
Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM)
University of Agder, Norway.

Dr. Radianti is a head of CIEMlab and experimental operation centre, a situation room research infrastructure for crisis management, at University of Agder. She is also leading the KriseSIM project, a research on virtual training tool for a control room, and a senior researcher I H2020 project Smart-Mature Resilience on disaster resilience. She has extensive research experience for 7 years after completing her PhD education. In the last 5 years, she has been working on the following research areas: fire emergencies, smartphone sensing, disaster resilience and serious game.


Dr. Nadia Saad Noori
Postdoctoral research fellow
Department of Information and Communication Technology
Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM)
University of Agder, Norway

Dr. Nadia Noori is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Integrated Emergency Management the University of Agder, ICT department. She is involved in iTRACK project (, and a H2020 project. iTRACK platform technology and policies are an example of an integrated approach to crisis management. The results will help support a faster and safer humanitarian aid delivery in conflict zones and high risk regions. Full bio can be found here .